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isitasecret's Journal

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Is It A Secret?

"Hey there!
It's 3:00am in the morning and I've decided that more people need to smile" - theshakesss

This community is for anonymous postings of your feelings for other people. It's a bit like other communities but it's for purely livejournal users. For example if you wanted to give a shout out to a certain person just to cheer them up, or thank them, or if you wanted to tell them how you really feel.

How It Works & Rules (Because we need them)

- So everything is anonymous, only theshakesss will be able to post. To get your shout out posted you'll need to comment here. Easy eh?
When commenting please use this;

You don't have to sign it or tell theshakesss who you are.

1. No drama!
2. Please do NOT contact the mod on her personal profile.
3. When you comment please do not expect your shout out to be posted straight away. Give it at least 2 days, if it still hasn't been posted, then comment again.
4. If you have a problem with another user please don't use this community to bash them, hate posts will not be posted.